The Floor Barn is a flooring store in Burleson, TX sells & installs floor covering materials like tile, hardwood, laminate, carpet & wood floors. We also do granite countertops or bathroom & kitchen remodeling.

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  Person The Floor Barn
  City Burleson, TX
  Zip Code 76028
  Address 544 SW Johnson Ave
  Phone Number (817) 426-3900

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The Floor Barn

The Floor Barn is owned and operated by us, the Heltzel Family. Brian, James, Sue and Don have made improving your home and business their passion. Initially, we started our little company as a remodeling and flooring installation company named Putting On The Fix. Then over the years our clients were always looking towards us to provide their materials for them. Throughout that time as well, we also had rehabbed several homes and during that time we discovered that there had to be a better way to get more affordable floor materials to the public then what we encountered. After building strategic industry contacts and setting in motion a business plan to offer wholesale prices to the retail market, we opened the doors of The Floor Barn to the public. The experience by our clients have been overwhelmingly positive, of course who doesn’t want to save money!

Products & Services

Hardwood Floors


Prefinished engineered hardwood flooring gives your home that time-honored custom look and feel. The Floor Barn offers a comprehensive collection of wood flooring products that will match any home and lifestyle. Our selection of wood floors are recognized for their affordability and superior quality. Our selection of hardwoods include a wide list of manufacturers, species and construction dimensions. Each wood floor is crafted with a handscraped or distressed look to create that old world charm. If you do not find the particular floor you were looking for, contact us and I am sure we can get it for you at our famous discount prices.

Laminate Floors


The Floor Barn is a flooring store in Burleson, TX sells & installs floor covering materials like tile, hardwood, laminate, carpet & wood floors. We also do granite countertops or bathroom & kitchen remodeling.

From Our Website

The Floor Barn did an excellent job helping me pick out flooring. They were extremely professional and answered all my questions. They were patient and quick to get me quotes and the pricing was hard to beat for the quality of product. Would highly recommend using the Floor Barn if you're looking to redo your floors. I can NOT say enough good things about The Floor Barn! They were so helpful in answering questions about flooring. Very nice when they came and measured. Then I couldn't make up my mind so they gave me several estimates while deciding what to put where.

When a product is said to have random widths it means the hardwood planks come in a variety of widths, instead of one standard width. When you purchase a floor like this you will receive boards of all the various widths (you cannot pick and choose which widths you receive). This is a popular choice for those that like the rustic or old-world style. If a product is said to have random lengths it means the lengths of the hardwood planks vary. This provides a more natural, un-patterned look to the floor when it is installed.

Are you looking to get new floors for your home? If so, you should consider the Luxury Vinyl Plank benefits to see if it is the right floor for your home and family. The biggest luxury vinyl plank benefits and allure to homeowners is that it most of the floating click and lock vinyl plank floors are 100% waterproof. So if your home is an active home with kids and pets, a luxury vinyl plank benefits is that it is kid and pet friendly. So if your kid or pet spills a liquid on the floor, and you miss it, you can be relieved that the unnoticed moisture will not damage your luxury vinyl plank floor like it can some other floors.

Tile floors are a timeless flooring product that date back as early as the 13th Century. Ceramic or Porcelain tiles are great because they are extremely durable, no matter if it is a high traffic area of the home or a commercial business, today's tile products will hold up to whatever you throw at them. They are scratchproof, waterproof, fire resistant and stainproof. They are also very easy to maintain, you don't have to worry about cleaning solutions, humidity levels and moisture concerns like you do with other flooring products.

Carpet is a floor with all it's different variations makes it a very universal in covering your floors in your home. Whether you are looking for new flooring for your bedrooms, family rooms, game rooms, dining room, stairs or dens, carpet is a great selection to make your home feel more warm and inviting to your family and guests. There are several kinds of carpet yarn like Polyester, Nylon or Triexta, there all kinds of different colors, as well as kinds of styles like Frieze, Berber, Patterned, etc.