I would like to begin out by saying thank you for inquiring about us, and taking the time find out more about what we do. I realize finding and hiring a contractor to do any job around your home can fill you with anxiety and trepidation, so allow me to alleviate your fears by explaining why we're the best choice to serve your requirements.

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  City Keymar, MD
  Zip Code 21757
  Address 12542 Renner Rd
  Phone Number (301) 845-8550

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Squeaky Clean, Inc. provides professional, high-quality power washing services throughout Frederick, Carroll, Howard, Washington, Montgomery and Western Baltimore Counties in Maryland. We have over 20 years of experience as a power washing contractor, and it is the only service we provide. This makes us the leading experts in the industry. We use only the highest-quality products designed specifically for professional power washing, and all of our employees are thoroughly trained to provide power washing services to your deck, house, roof, and more in Central Maryland.

Our house wash process can be used on any type of house surface including, vinyl, aluminum or painted wood, as well as Dryvit and brick. We use low pressure and specific cleaners for cleaning specific surfaces and types of dirt. The lower pressure and targeted cleaners lessen the risk of damage to your house. Increasingly people are starting to find small black specks appearing on the siding and other surfaces around the house. These specks resemble insect feces or other air-born pollutants, however they are actually the spores expelled from the fruiting bodies of a fungi known commonly as "artillery" or "shotgun" fungus.