LOGIX is the only completely integrated insulated concrete form ICF system that offers choice of panel thickness, core thickness and web type. LOGIX is the easiest ICF product to install, providing more profit and less pressure to the construction staff. LOGIX is the leading ICF in North America.

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The installers, designers and engineers shown have provided their own information. Logix Brands Ltd. does not endorse, recommend or warrant the quality of work of any professional that is listed and has not verified the information provided. The engagement of any professional is at the sole discretion of the project owner or manager who is responsible to ensure the professional has all the appropriate licenses or certifications that may be required. Competent estimates and workmanship are the sole responsibility of the installer, designer or engineer.

Installers have been consistently choosing Logix Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) to grow their business, increase profits and set themselves apart from local competition. In addition, Logix ICF helps build durable, comfortable homes that homeowners love! ICF is rapidly gaining share in the custom residential market and a wide range of non-residential markets such as mid-rise multi-family, schools, assisted living, military and agricultural. Building with Logix ICF means working with one of the most innovative companies in the industry; one that provides continually updated resources and world-class support.