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Dusting is one of the most important aspects of any cleaning. Removing dust reduces the risk of sickness and allergies that are commonly associated with dust build up in a home. When it comes to properly dusting a given room of the house there are basic principles that apply universally: top to bottom, left to right, appropriate duster used. When we dust a room in your home, we first start from a given corner of the ceiling using an extended wand duster and thoroughly run across the seams where each wall meets so that any cob webs or pet hair present are removed. If there are any ceiling fans present, they are first turned off before dusting begins, and are then dusted using the extended wand duster once the fan is still. Then if there are any windows and blinds present, these are then dusted. Once these top areas are dusted, a microfiber towel and wood polish are used to tackle most of the wood furniture present in the room. If there are any delicate pictures with window coverings or computer monitors, a glass rag is used with a glass cleaner to dust these off. Finally if there are any electric cords or anything extremely delicate in the room, a feather duster is used. Throughout this it is important to never spray directly onto any items other than the dusting rag being used.


Vacuuming seems like the easiest part of cleaning, right? Well in reality, it is one THE MOST taxing and exhausting aspects of cleaning. If not done with correct form, it can exhaust the arms to fatigue. That’s why we teach our house cleaning servants to use proper technique when vacuuming and using their legs and momentum to push instead of their arms. Now when vacuuming, we train to not go too fast over surfaces. Vacuums use rotating brussels on a beater bar to stir up dust and collect debris so that they can all be suctioned up. This can only be done with a steady pace. For vacuuming strategy, we first move furniture that is easily movable out of the way to make the vacuuming prettier and easier. Then starting from the farthest part of any room of a given door or hallway, we work from left to right, back to front. Special attention is given to not vacuum either large debris or potentially valuable items on the floor. We cover all areas so lines are expected to be nice and neat. Once vacuuming has been completed all furniture and items are moved back to their original positions


When it comes to mopping, there are different techniques used depending on the tools available and floor being mopped. In general though, there are some basic principles that are used: start from the opposite of where you want to finish and never walk on already mopped areas. For our house cleaning services, we first vacuum the area about to be mopped: this removes any dust, dirt, or pet hair and would clump up if first mopped. It’s important to either use a rolling vacuum or extension with bristle brushes so as to reduce any scratching that could occur. Once this is complete, then comes the mopping. In general, all you need is a bucket of water that is filled with an appropriate floor cleaner (depending on the floor) with an appropriate dilution factor, which is provided by the manufacturer. We dump the mop into the bucket and then rinse it so that we don’t create large pools of slippery water on the floor. Starting from the first end, long strokes are used to cover all areas of the floor. If the head of the mop is soiled, it is either changed or dunked and rinsed (depending on which mop system is used) . Once the head is clean, mopping is continued until all areas are cleaned.