Your pool can be as unique as your family. Walls can be flexed down to an 18 radius making it possible to conform to backyard. Family Fun pools built over thirty five years ago are still in use today. Eliminates costly and timely framing. Able to withstand severe temperature extremes. Uniwall is strong but flexible. One week construction or less. Smooth surface of fiberglass discourages the growth of algae.

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  City Louisville, OH
  Zip Code 44641
  Address 1875 Airpark Dr
  Phone Number (330) 875-1444

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Family Fun Pools is an exciting and innovative pool builder. For sixty years we've been manufacturing a high quality continuous fiberglass pool wall called Uniwall that lets you pick just about any shape you can dream up for your pool or waterpark. As a result, we've built pools and waterparks all over the world on just about every continent. The picture below shows the strength of Uniwall. As you can see, the pool is full of water that's being circulated before it has even been backfilled. Uniwall provides exceptional strength you can count on.

Family Fun Pools started in 1958 building strictly residential pools. Builders all across the world soon realized that our patented UNIWALL was also ideal for commercial projects, including waterparks. We've been creating fun for over 50 years all over the world!

After you've found the perfect location for your new pool it's time to select the perfect shape. You can design a one-of-a-kind freeform, or a traditional symmetrical pool. Using Design Rods, these flexible interlocking yellow rods can assist in designing the pool that is just right for you. So let your imagination go and have some fun. After the excavation, the one-piece fiberglass wall is uncoiled and placed on the support means. The "pockets" and footings are then filled with concrete. The wall is now self- supporting.