Henry Red Torromeo of Methuen began a gravel hauling business in 1958 with a three year old Ford F-800 dump truck. Uncle Sam drafted him into the Army in 1962. He had to sell everything he purchased for the business. When he was finished his Army Hitch in '64, he was broke, and had to begin all over again. Today Torromeo Trucking corporate headquarters is situated in Methuen MA.

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  City Brockton, MA
  Zip Code 02301
  Phone Number (508) 583-1705

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Located in the heart of Merrimack Valley (Methuen, MA) and Southern New Hampshire (Kingston, NH), Torromeo Industries is the essential building block in the construction industry. Contact us today and learn about the best mix this area has to offer.

Since 1958, Torromeo Industries, Inc. & Divisions is family owned and operated and we understand first hand all the responsibility involved. We work continuously to supply your projects, construct your goals, and build upon your dreams from the ground up using our high quality products. Your project starts here with a call, email, or filling out a form. We work for you, our customer, in all industries and every type of construction project. We've invested the time in our products, equipment, and our staff to take your ideas on paper to it's completion.

Does your product require a certain type of sand, or stone, to fulfill the guidelines set forth by the municipality where you are working? Are you building a deck for a swimming pool? Pouring foundations for a series of single-family homes? Or are you looking for a partner that can deliver to you the Leeds-certified concrete you need that will serve as the foundation for the new "big box store" that will serve as the anchor tenant in the newly renovated shopping center? Whatever type of material you need, we can provide it at a competitive price from our state-of-the-art facilities that can be delivered and installed for you on the same day you make your purchase.

Torromeo's tractors, trucks, and trailers are literally the driving force in the operation behind Torromeo Industries, Inc. The diversity in our fleet of trucks and equipment helps deliver our products to our customers and carry out the services needed in providing building materials to construction projects. We are always updating and maintaining our trucks as you can see we take great pride in our appearance. Have a look at our just some of our trucks and cutting edge heavy duty machinery. It started with Henry "Red" Torromeo saying, "HAVE TRUCK WILL TRAVEL", and that's how we roll.