Area Floors is a service-oriented floor-covering boutique where we are more interested in matching customers with the best long-term flooring solution that with gaining a short-term sale. Everything we do is guided by a commitment to doing it right the first time while offering a competitive price. As a result, some things are a little different at Area Floors.

Other stores place a lot of work and responsibility on the customer in terms of researching which flooring option is right for them material, finish, installation method, price and interior design coordination. If you are lucky enough to flag down a staff-person, they are often not equipped to answer these questions. We are already experts on these things, and are here to listen to your needs, ask questions, and guide you through the selection process. Come in and let us do the work for you that's why we're here.

We are a woman-owned and nearly and all-women operated business. This gives us a bit of an advantage over the typical floor-covering store. We are mothers, grandmothers, wives, and proud home-keepers who have a keen understanding of how families put serious wear and tear on floors. We are full of tips on how best to maintain and clean your floors from specific cleaning products to DIY mixtures. Our senior design consultants bring years of interior design experience to the table when giving our free design consultations. They also bring a compassionate intuition that comes from personal experience of how a home is an expression of those who live in it. Just like you we want it all price and beauty. You can count on us to be thrifty fashionistas when it comes to flooring materials we seek out today's designs at a great price.

Contact Details

  Person Brandy Marsh
  City Lake Oswego, OR
  Zip Code 97035
  Address 17400 SW 65th Ave
  Phone Number (503) 684-5585

Business Representative

Brandy Marsh


The founder of The Carpet Place recognized early on that employee Brandy Marsh would make a great business owner. After working in fast food and retail jobs while attending Portland's Marshall High School, Brandy answered an ad at the school's career center, and went to work doing clerical work, cleaning, putting away samples, and other odd jobs.

After four years, owner John Rollin, who founded the company in 1967, asked if she would be interested in buying it. Brandy bought the company and its two stores in 2003, and continued to retain John as a consultant and mentor. When John died suddenly of a heart attack in the summer of 2004, Brandy realized that it was now all up to her to make the critical decisions. She quickly developed a passion for being a business owner, hiring and motivating employees. She became active in the Young Entrepreneurs Organization. Read more


From Our Website

Go beyond the surface of Area Floors and you'll find a group of educated enthusiasts, who share your passion for fine materials and inspired creations. Designers and builders at heart, every team member is empowered to make the decisions necessary to keep your project on track and bring your vision to life. We don't sell - we educate, we inspire and we lay the foundation of a lasting relationship.

Our job at Area Floors is to make the contractor's job easier and more productive. We know your time is very valuable, but perhaps even more important is how we get to know your business, your design perspectives, and your production needs. Additionally we are constantly bringing in new fashion-forward products to meet your design needs. PROTECTING YOUR PRICING - We know you are in business to earn a profit. We sell to all our contractors at a very competitive wholesale price and will always protect our relationship with you.