We're Oregon's leading natural pest control firm where environmental safety, quality, and commitment to client service are our priority! We use proven alternatives to using pesticides and chemicals to implement Integrated Pest Management. Not 'just another exterminator', we're a complete-service contractor - licensed and insured throughout the whole state of Oregon! - Not only do we solve your termite problems, but we can repair any damage and provide protection against future invasions!

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  City Greensboro, NC
  Zip Code 27410
  Address 2602 Duck Clb Rd
  Phone Number (336) 288-8868

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We've been in the pest control business since 1991, and during that time have served more than 25,000 customers in the state of Oregon alone. We are Oregon's leading Eco-friendly pest control company and our commitment to environmental safety, quality, and customer service has never been stronger. When we started All Natural Pest Elimination, we weren't satisfied with the efficacy or safeness of the existing pest control products available for pest elimination and wood protection. We wanted to feel good about the pest elimination products that we brought into your home, as well as the products our team handles on a day to day basis.

Nobody likes seeing ants in the kitchen or a spider in the bedroom, but without added protection, your home is an open invitation to insects and rodents looking to find a new place to live. Perhaps even more important than the insects you see are the ones you don't see! They may have taken up invisible residence in the structure of your home. Wood is particularly susceptible to decay and damage from pests and dry-rot fungus, and without treatment, the damage can be costly or even irreparable. Natural Pest Elimination is our comprehensive approach to protecting your home from all of these invaders-permanently.