A2Z Plumbing Contractors is a locally owned & operated plumbing firm situated in Asheville, NC. We are an accredited green plumbing firm specializing in both domestic & commercial plumbing and both remodels & new construction. Our continued dedication to using environmentally friendly alternatives in the plumbing industry is a priority.

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  City Asheville, NC
  Zip Code 28801
  Address 32 Crsnt Strt
  Phone Number (828) 236-3880

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For a local plumber near you who provides top quality, reliable service - and a mindful approach to our environment - contact Blue Planet Plumbing. Our experienced, licensed plumbers will give you an accurate price quote and no surprises. And every project comes with a home plumbing safety checkup. From leaky toilets to water pressure issues and hybrid water-heater consultations, our certified plumbing technicians have you covered. Contact us online or by phone at 828-423-6289. We offer a complimentary home plumbing safety inspection with all service calls.

Georg Efird loved the way he could make people so happy when he solved their plumbing issues. Licensed since 2001, Georg believed that he could create a company that honored his customers as much as the Blue Planet. In 2002, Blue Planet Plumbing, LLC, was born. The name "Blue Planet" comes from the moniker often given to the Earth: it's a blue planet because of the abundance of water on its surface. An Asheville plumber, Georg thought the name appropriate since it reflects his values. Georg wanted Blue Planet Plumbing to become one of the most environmentally friendly plumbing companies in Western North Carolina.

Blue Planet Plumbing offers well pump services including, but not limited to, well pump repair, replacement, installation, wiring, well head chlorination, and maintenance and troubleshooting. Residential well water systems experience a variety of problems over their lifespans, such as intermittent or weak water flow, the well head running dry, faulty wiring, pipe breaks or leaks in the wellhead, contamination, and the general wear and tear of age. Eventually time gets all of us, including well pumps.

If your water bills are unusually high or if your drains are unexpectedly backing up, there's a good chance your main water or sewage line is leaking or broken. At Blue Planet Plumbing, we know how helpless you can feel when the plumbing issue you're experiencing is deep underground. With 125 years of combined experience, our team has the expertise to diagnose the issue and guide you towards a warranty-backed solution that means you won't be having to dig another big hole in your yard for years to come.

You have many options when it comes to finding an Asheville plumber, but only Blue Planet Plumbing treats you and the planet Earth as valued clients. Blue Planet Plumbing is a leader in customer service and an expert in all aspects of plumbing repair and service. With more than 40 years in the business and trade, Blue Planet Plumbing knows how to exceed your expectations. You want a 5 star plumber who respects your time and your property. Blue Planet Plumbing delivers that and more, since everything they do also respects the environment.

Often times, an obstruction is obvious (kid "washed" the Play Dough). Other times, an expert is required to identify and remove a blockage. Fortunately, Blue Planet Plumbing is here to ensure water goes down your drain-not your sanity. A clogged drain can be a simple nuisance or it can wreak havoc on your home. Our drain cleaning technicians are specialists at assessing issues and clearing lines in a timely manner. We have the equipment and expertise to unclog and clear your drain from the most extreme and deep drain clogs.