It's a daunting task to communicate in print all that we're and how we approach our craft. Here you'll learn a lot about us and hopefully understand our commitment. At A-1 Electric Co., ., we concentrate on helping our clients and making their lives easier. We're well known for doing the tiny electrical jobs needed in existing homes and tiny businesses.

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  City Chatham, NJ
  Zip Code 07928
  Phone Number (973) 966-8010

From Our Website

Paul Hampton started doing electrical work as a summer job while going to college. He left the corporate world to do what he likes most: solving problems, getting the job done and feedback from customers. He also studied and worked in France. He and Tama have 4 children. He's a Certified Renovator and has been an officer in many associations and groups where organizational skills are so important. Tama Hampton is a Speech & Language Therapist by training, and still works with preschool children, including the deaf.